Looking to join a team of passionate scientists on the forefront of RNA therapies?  


 At miRecule, we strive to blend creativity and teamwork with an unyielding commitment to scientific rigor. 


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Our Values

Our culture is defined by four guiding values, selected to ensure we are constantly engaged in work worth doing. We believe that ambitiouslife-changing breakthroughs can only be achieved from a proper foundation of scientific excellence. We also appreciate that a diversity of unique perspectives is essential to the successful pursuit of novel medicines. And at our core, we thrive on the continually motivating and uniting force of camaraderie; after all, who you work with can be just as important as what you work on!

Privacy Disclaimer (please read before applying): miRecule will never request sensitive identifying information that could be used for fraudulent purposes. Personal information provided to miRecule through resumes, CVs, or cover letters is provided through an applicant’s own volition. Any information provided  (email, phone number, etc.) will be used for the sole purpose of further communication with applicants. Entities contacting individuals regarding miRecule job openings through text message, apps, or other unusual means are doing so with intent to defraud. If contacted by such means, please do not share your personal information.

Open Positions

Interested in a scientific or business development role on our growing team?