Realizing the potential of tissue-targeted RNA therapies

miRecule™ is a biotechnology company developing RNA therapies for cancer and muscular dystrophy. Our approach to drug design revolves around using genomic patient data to create highly tailored therapeutics – the right drug for the right patient.

Our proprietary DREAmiR™ platform utilizes genomic and outcome data from thousands of patients to identify underlying genetic changes that cause their disease, and then creates a novel RNA therapeutic that can directly target and fix that genetic abnormality.

miRecule is currently applying the DREAmiR platform to develop first-in-class therapies, with lead programs in Head & Neck Cancer and Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy.

miRecule and UMB awarded Maryland Industrial Partnerships Grant for translational FSHD research!

Collaboration will focus on development of translational biomarkers for FSHD –

miRecule brings on Janssen vet Fu-An Kang to lead expanding research team!

Accomplished drug hunter will oversee the discovery and development of miRecule’s leading RNA therapies –

miRecule published in Clinical Cancer Research!

Integrated genomic and functional microRNA analysis identifies miR-30-5p as a tumor suppressor and potential therapeutic nanomedicine in head and neck cancer – Clinical Cancer Research

miRecule featured by the BioHealth Capital Region Investment Conference!

miRecule closes Seed Round at the second annual BioHealth Capital Region Investment Conference  – BioBuzz

miRecule featured by the FSHD Society!

miRecule, Inc., is developing a novel treatment for FSHD – FSHD Society

miRecule awarded grant by Friends of FSH Research!

Antisense Oligonucleotide-Antibody Conjugates to Treat FSHD – Friends of FSH Research

miRecule adds Maryland Momentum Fund to its Seed Round!

USM Maryland Momentum Fund Invests $250,000 in $3.5M Seed Round of miRecule Inc. – USM Momentum Fund