DREAmiR™ Discovery Platform

miRecule’s® DREAmiR™ discovery platform was developed from more than a decade of research in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland.


DREAmiR™ analytics utilize genomic and outcome data from thousands of patients to identify underlying genetic changes that cause their disease, and then create RNA therapeutics that can directly target that genetic abnormality.

Genomics Discovery Engine 

miRecule’s® discovery engine integrates genomic sequencing profiles and clinical outcome measures on disease progression from hundreds of patients to identify RNA therapeutic targets. These targets are then filtered against a high-throughput in vitro screen to identify the best RNA therapeutic for a subset of patients in a disease.

Patented RNA Chemistry

Our patented chemistry enables the rapid development of proprietary RNA therapeutics. These RNA sequences are chemically modified for enhanced stability, potency, and safety profiles in patients.

Targeted Delivery

Our targeted delivery formulations leverage the natural ability of antibodies to direct our RNA therapeutics specifically to diseased tissues. This enables safe and effective delivery to tumors and muscle tissue.

Potent, Targeted, and Safe

RNA Maintenance Therapies

By combining the technology elements of DREAmiR™, miRecule’s® ARC’s unlock the true potential of RNA therapies to enable patients live a life free from the debilitating syptoms of their disorders.

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