Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim, Ph.D.

VP of Discovery

Kevin is an experienced leader in RNA therapeutic discovery with a track record of successfully managing research organizations and executing multiple pipeline programs to overcome technical and developmental challenges to bring RNA therapies to the clinic for several genetic disorders.

As Senior Director of Discovery Biology at Sarepta Therapeutics, Kevin and his team enhanced the delivery of FDA-approved PMO platform and expanded the utility of the platform to discover novel RNA therapeutics for the diseases of nervous, muscular, renal, and cardiac systems.

Kevin received his doctoral degree at UCLA and worked with the world-renowned experts on neuromuscular diseases, Dr. Lee Rubin at Harvard University and Dr. Robert Baloh at Cedars- Sinai Hospital, to unravel the disease mechanisms and potential therapeutic pathways for devastating diseases such as ALS and CMT. Over a decade of experience in academia and in various industry settings (start-up, biotech and pharma) has culminated in multiple academic publications and patents as well as contribution to the development of the next generation SP-ASO drugs for CNS diseases (Wave Life Sciences) and cardioprotective therapeutic (Stem Cell Theranostics) which are currently undergoing clinical evaluation.