Anita Seto

Anita Seto, Ph.D.

VP of Development, Oncology Programs

Anita G. Seto, Ph.D., has nearly 20 years of experience in the biotechnology industry, with a focus on RNA-based technologies. She is currently an independent consultant, advising on the advancement of clinical development programs. Most recently, she was the Senior Director of Clinical Science at Artiva Biotherapeutics, where she led the development of a novel Natural Killer cell product for hematological cancers.

Prior to Artiva, she had leadership roles at Expansion Therapeutics and miRagen Therapeutics for the development of medicines to target RNA. While at miRagen, she led the discovery team that identified cobomarsen as the company’s first clinical development candidate, an antimiR-155 oligonucleotide for the treatment of lymphomas and leukemias, then subsequently transitioned to focus on the clinical development of cobomarsen.

Dr. Seto received her Ph.D. for the investigation of the telomerase RNA structure-function relationship in Tom Cech’s laboratory at the University of Colorado. As a Damon Runyon postdoctoral fellow with Bob Kingston at MGH, she contributed to the discovery of piwi-interacting RNAs.