Fu-An Kang

Fu-An Kang, Ph.D.

VP of Research

Fu-An is an accomplished synthetic, medicinal and process scientist in the pharmaceutical research and development, and has made various contributions to the discovery and development of a number of drug substances and products in the preclinical, clinical and commercial stages, including Eribulin (Halaven) in the Harvard-Eisai collaboration, and Canagliflozin (Invokana) at J&J-Janssen. As an experienced industrial leader, he has collaborated with many pharma and biotech partners, and managed many successful R&D, PD and CMC programs, serving as SD, VP and CSO at several science and technology driven companies (ABZ, WPT and STL). He has published over 50 scientific and technological articles, patents, reviews, abstracts and book chapters, and lectured at professional conferences and academic institutions. He developed the new chemical methodology, “Phosphonium Coupling”, which has been widely utilized in heterocyclic chemistry and nucleoside chemistry, and discovered a remarkable mathematical relationship hidden in the empirical chemical theory, the classic “Woodward UV Rules”.